My Skills

An overview of my skills developed through education and experience.

Systems Analysis

Skill Description Level
Data Flow Diagrams Modelling data flows through an IT system. Intermediate
Entity Relationship Diagrams Visualizing system entities and their relationships. Novice
Use Case Analysis Identifying requirements of a system through user interaction. Intermediate

Data Analysis

Skill Description Level
Regression Analysis Modelling relationships between variables using predictors. Intermediate
Data Validation Cleaning data to ensure data quality. Advanced
Data Visualization Using graphs and charts to communicate information. Intermediate
Database Querying Using SQL to pull data from databases. Novice
Performance Tracking Building dashboards to measure key performance indicators. Intermediate

Web Development

Skill Description Level
HTML/CSS Building website structure and design elements. Advanced
JavaScript Programming to improve website functionality and performance. Intermediate
Bootstrap A HTML, CSS, and JS framework used to develop websites more efficiently. Novice


Skill Description Level
Business Reports Writing professional reports to support business operations. Intermediate
Public Presentations Verbally communicating data and report findings to a group. Intermediate
Technical Support Working one-on-one to help co-workers solve technical problems. Novice